Photo blog of pictures and videos of the Men’s Rights Movement, in India.

For a country reeling under the guilt of being uncannily infamous for atrocities on women, talking on men’s rights and their open violation by the machinery of state, judiciary and society at large raises eyebrows. But, the truth cannot be brushed under the carpet, that too for long. Yes, the truth is out and its out in the open. That, India has a large amount of crime against men being committed everyday, every minute. But, it largely goes unheard, unrecorded and un – reported. And, a large part of this crime against men is committed by women, which included murder, rape, castration, loss of property and being implicated in fake cases by women.

The state turns a deliberate blind eye to such crime. The judiciary does not accord punishment for such crime and the worst the law making is too deaf and too dumb to act in accordance with any sane principle known to mankind, to enact any law for protection of men.

It’s a bit unusual and may be politically incorrect, in this country to talk about men’s rights. But, braving the sun’s heat and burning the night oil a handful of zealots have taken up the cudgel to bring this, hitherto unheard pain, out in the public domain. The focus areas being fake cases by women, non – adherence to constitutional rights to men by state and judiciary at large and societal apathy.

The Valentines of 2016 is a watershed day of this movement. These zealots marked the history of Indian Valentine space by a car and bike rally in capital city of Delhi. There could hardly be a better occasion than this to launch this  photo blog.

But, this just the beginning. It shall be an endeavor that hence forth pictorial memories of all such events and activities find their place in this photo blog. This is our humble way of making the world aware of Mard ka Dard, the pain of men. Yes, believe that even men do feel the pain.

If anyone wishes to share the pictures of their events and activities related to Men’s Rights Movement in India, please feel free to write to Promote@EqualityForMen.org


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